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Spartan Carry

Pillow in Linen

Pillow in Linen

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In luxurious linen colors, these pieced pillow covers are handmade and zero-waste. Made from discarded scraps, these pillows embody our business’s ethos of sustainability. We are loving the small size of these pillows - perfect for a little lumbar support and for adding a splash of color to your couch, chair, or bed.

Measures 12”x18”
Fronts: linen and lined in muslin
Backs: heavy duty natural linen with an envelope opening

Includes hypo-allergenic pillow insert.

Note: some of the linen patches look white in the photos but are actually a light celadon green in person. The linen colors are notoriously difficult to capture on camera, so there may be other slight differences in person.

Designed by Amy and sewn with incredible precision by our seamster Sara.

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