About Us

Spartan Made is the creative partnership of Doug Reilly and Amy Gallop. Our business started in a 1947 Spartan Manor travel trailer we lived in and worked out of for seven years, in the foothills of the Catskills in Oneonta, NY. 

Our first products were things we designed and made for ourselves in our off-grid, tiny home lifestyle: log carriers, shoe-holders, bucket bags. People kept telling us they’d buy our stuff, and eventually we decided to call their bluff and started Spartan Made.

We draw design inspiration from many sources: Japanese minimalism, mid-century American industrial design, and the natural world around us. We think about sustainability deeply and widely, from the life-cycle of our materials to our efforts in zero-waste pattern-making and re-use.  

We value transparency, and believe that insight into the manufacturing process helps people appreciate the products themselves and the labor behind them. Every product we offer is hand crafted, one at a time, by us.

Our mission is to create beautiful and functional carry and home items that look and feel great, evoke joy, and will gain character with age.